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Perth, WA (31.9497°S, 115.848°E, m AMSL) ‹ back to surf

Issued Wednesday 22:01 EST Surf: choppy Wind: Fresh SSW Weather: fine

Dawn Report: 1ft waves are all that's on offer this morning. Clean conditions with the light ESE winds. Check back after 8am for the photo report.

Forecast Winds
Wind forecast for Perth
Wednesday: S/SW 15/20 kts
Thursday: S 10/15 kts
Friday: S/SE 15/20 kts
Saturday: E 15/20 kts
Forecast Tides
Tide forecast for Perth
Low Thursday: 02:15 WST (0.7m)
High Thursday: 10:21 WST (0.9m)
Low Thursday: 12:05 WST (0.9m)
High Thursday: 17:47 WST (1.0m)