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Perth, WA (31.9497°S, 115.848°E, m AMSL) ‹ back to surf

Issued Saturday 23:03 EST Surf: lumpy Wind: Light SSE Weather: fine

Dawn Report: 3ft waves coming through this morning, a few lulls in the sets though. Winds are light from the SSE making for ok conditions, but you're best off getting early before they pick up. Check back after 8am for the photo report.

Forecast Winds
Wind forecast for Perth
Saturday: S 15/20 kts
Sunday: S 15/20 kts
Monday: S 15/20 kts
Tuesday: S 15/20 kts
Forecast Tides
Tide forecast for Perth
Low Saturday: 21:43 WST (0.6m)
High Sunday: 11:42 WST (1.1m)
Low Monday: 00:38 WST (0.6m)
High Monday: 12:12 WST (1.1m)